ImportAnt Info

VWC Parent Info for Youth Wrestling Season (Ages K-6th Grade)

  • Season:  November - February

  • Parent Meetings:  TBD 

  • Goals for the season – Have Fun!! And coach ‘em up!!  

  • Expectations – Positive Attitude and Great Effort from Everybody Everyday.

    • Be on time for practice and tournaments.  Be respectful of coaches and teammates - the mat is our classroom and we would expect the same courteous that is given to teachers.  We want to be successful of course, but we also want to be a positive influence in terms of developing quality young men.  

  • Tournaments ARE NOT mandatory, but highly encouraged.  Ask a coach if you have any questions or concerns.

  • AAU Card ($14) is mandatory for participation in practices and tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does my athlete wear for practice and tournaments?

  • We will be selling gear on site in the gear store opposite the wrestling room throughout the season.

  • Recommended practice attire:  t-shirts/shorts and wrestling shoes.  

  • Headgear is not mandatory for practice, but may be mandatory for competition... we'll let you know.

  • Don’t wear wrestling shoes outside – please bring to and from practice/tournaments and change into them so we can keep mats clean. 

  • Wrestling shoes can be purchased locally at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Academy Sports.  There are also numerous on-line sites where shoes can be purchased.  Just google “wrestling shoes”.

  • All athletes should bathe/shower immediately after every practice/tournaments when they get home!

2) How do you register for tournaments?

  • Wrestlers may be required to show proof of age (i.e. Birth Certificate) prior to 1st tournament.

  • TOT (6U) & BANTAM (8U) age classifications will use satellite weigh-ins which (weighin Thurs. night at club practice).  The weight will be written on left arm by one of the coaches. 

  • All other age age classifications must weigh in on-site prior to competition.

  • Parents will need to register their athletes on Thursday night on Trackwrestling for Saturday tournaments.  

  • Cost of the tournaments is typically $12-15 per athlete depending on the event.

  • Beginner brackets…  At some tournaments but not all, so parents please check when registering.


  • Strict deadlines are enforced to ensure tournaments run smoothly and wrestlers / parents get in and out of the gym in a reasonable amount of time.

Pre-registration for all participants is strictly required. Participants will be given the opportunity to pre-register at TrackWrestling in the week preceding the event. The deadline for pre-registration will be at a time to be determined on the Friday of the event weekend. A direct link to the registration site will be provided at and/or at Club coaches are required to submit their satellite weigh-in rosters to the Director of Youth no later than noon (12:00 PM CST) on the Friday of the event weekend. 

Participants are permitted to register in a maximum of two (2) age divisions, but in only one (1) weight class per division. 

Cost of registration for all events, with the exception of the Alabama Kid’s Duals and the Alabama Youth Championship will be TBD per registrant. Kid’s Duals events will be TBD per registrant; entry fees for the Alabama Youth Championship will be TBD. Late registration will be permitted for Regular Season events from 9:00 AM CST on Friday through noon (12:00 PM CST) on Friday. There will be an additional $5.00 fee associated with late registration. Registration fees are non-refundable. 

There will be gate fees for spectators at all tournaments.

3) What should I expect at tournaments?

  • Arrive at the gym at least 30 min. before your athlete is scheduled to compete/weigh-in.

  • Recommended competition attire is a compression shirt/shorts OR a singlet.

  • If athletes choose to wear a singlet, wear clothes to the gym over the singlet that can be easily removed before and put back on immediately after the match. A t-shirt and shorts are recommended.  We prefer not to have VWC athletes running around the gym in their singlets.   

  • Parents – please DO NOT allow a referee to start a match if one of the VWC coaches is not present.  There are more kids than coaches and sometimes there may be multiple gyms.  So please help us monitor the mats.  

  • Please don't leave a tournament without checking with a coach to ensure your athlete is finished.

  • Depending on the # of kids registered, your athlete may compete in a double elimination (two losses) bracket or a Round Robin (up to 5 matches depending on the # of kids in the round robin).

  • Medals are usually awarded to the top 3 or 4 finishers.  If possible, please stick around to allow your athlete to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts.  It is important!!  But we do understand that life is busy and if you need to leave, we would prefer that you go to the head table and ask for your athlete’s medal before leaving.  If they will not give it to you, we will do our best to ensure that we collect your athlete’s medal before we leave.

4) How are tournaments structured?

Sample Tournament Schedule
TOT Division:  Wrestling begins at 9:00 am – 11:00 am
BANTAM Division:  Wrestling begins at 9:00 am – 11:00 am
MIDGET Division:  Wrestling begins at 11:15 am – 1:15 pm
NOVICE Division:  Wrestling begins at 1:30 pm – finish
SCHOOLBOY Division:  Wrestling begins at 1:30 pm – finish