Vestavia Wrestling Club

The Vestavia Wrestling Club (VWC) Youth Season is for grade school athletes seeking training and competition in the sport of wrestling.

November through March

Folk-style wrestling will be introduced, drilled, and wrestled throughout the season.  Student athletes who enroll in this program will be introduced to basic and advanced wrestling techniques, positions, and philosophies as taught at the Granby School of Wrestling.  Coach Nicholson, a wrestling alum of Old Dominion University, spent his college career training in the Granby series.       

Whether you are a wrestler, coach, or parent, there is no doubt that the Granby program helps in developing the physical and mental talents to succeed both on and off the mat.  Over the last 10+ years, more than 60 state team titles have been won by teams utilizing the Granby series, which has been developing champions since 1966!  To learn more about the history and tradition of the Granby School, please see the following link: